Working Man’s Challenge

While sitting around one night brainstorming fun ideas, we came up with the Working Man’s Challenge.  This is not a new concept by any stretch but rather our own take on it.  We wanted to make an event that was truly approachable to the typical working man.  We set the budget at 1000 dollars all in.  That means purchasing, building and maintaining your rig has to be under $1000.  The deals are out there and it’s very possible to have a really fun capable rig without spending a lot of money.

Part 2 of this event is a gentleman’s race from Aspen to Crested Butte off road.  This will test the durability and reliability of these vehicles.  We are happy to have anyone come join us and would love to see your Working Man’s Challenge Rigs.

Clopsy is on the chopping block!

The time comes in every man’s life when you have to let go of something you love.  With big moves coming from every direction the 8K family is about to get a little smaller.  Clopsy the beloved 1991 FJ80 Land Cruiser is going up for sale.  Clopsy is truly a unique rig that has endless […]

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2016 Working Man’s Challenge Part 2

Day 2 of the 2016 Working Man’s Challenge was quite a bit of a different than day one.  A late night in Crested Butte’s finer establishments and snoring roommates made for a night with little sleep and a foggy feeling in the morning. We were up early, maybe a little too early for having 2 […]

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Working Man’s Challenge Part 1

We set up the working man’s challenge to be a test of creativity and ingenuity, to test what you can do with very little money, in very big country.   The 3 amigos started out Saturday morning with our low cost (sub $1000 dollar vehicles).  Ross and Lindsay both had put countless hours of hard wheeling, […]

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The Scout is out!

With only weeks left until the event.  The Scout has sadly passed.  On a recent trip up Aspen Mountain the transmission shit the bed.  I was having high hopes for the Scout but it just couldn’t handle the steep hills of Colorado.  I lost all forward gears on this beauty.  She still runs like a […]

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The Scout’s first shake down

After putting a new radiator, hoses and turning up the idle, the Scout is running well.  I recently took it for a shake down run up Smuggler road and it did pretty well.  The auto transmission worked great and the ride quality actually wasn’t too bad. The first thing that came to mind driving this […]

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Ross’s 1991 Eddie Bauer edition Bronco “Eddie”

When O.J. Simpson chose his getaway vehicle he was smart in choosing the Ford Bronco. With stout construction a big 5.8 liter engine and mullet convertible. These things are sweet. Ross picked this beauty up for a mere eight hundred dollars with a slightly leaky gas tank and a spry 230,000 miles on it. First […]

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Jesse’s Working Man’s Challenge 1976 Scout 2

A lot goes into picking a rig for the Working Man’s challenge.  Having to be under $1000 dollars makes it tough.  Jesse Bouchard has picked the oldest entry in the lineup. I purchased this 1976 Scout 2 for $100 dollars without being able to open the hood and knowing that it hasn’t run since 2009.  […]

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