With the new axles installed in the Willys I moved onto the brakes.  Putting new rotors and pads on the big brake Dana 30 front proved pretty simple.  The after-market pads I purchased were actually a little too thick so I had to grind the backing plate down a little to make them fit and allow proper rotation.

Pretty straight forward 1977 CJ5 Dana 30 with big brakes
I painted the caliber Red for easily and extra 5 horse power





For the rear I used a kit from TSM for the brackets and rotors.  The brackets came powder coated in red and fit with minimal notching for the rear.  I added a set of EL Dorado calipers that have the ability to run an E brake.   Again the pads were too think and needed to be ground down to fit.  The TSM kit comes with all hardware and works great I highly recommend this kit.

The rear TSM kit

To complete the brake system I added a Wilwood master cylinder and new brake lines all the way around.  The Wilwood master needed a few bench bleeds before being ready to go in and I had to clock the rear calipers a little more to get the bleed port as high as possible.

The rear Calibers clocked to the proper position

After installing this set up the Willys it took a little time to brake in the pads and now it never stopped better.  With just one pump it can lock up the 33s with no problem as opposed to the old brakes that took about 4 pumps to start working.

The Wilwood 1.25 master cylinder in its home.

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