What in your trunk?
If you go out wheeling enough you end up either being with someone who has broken down or you have broken down. Being prepared on a trip where you are way outside of cell range is very important. In the Rockies it is not uncommon to go all day without seeing another group of people on the trail. Here are the items I carry in the Grand Cherokee.
• Full size spare tire (duh)
• High Lift Jack 60 inch (very handy to get out of snow banks and get you tire off.
• Ryobi cordless impact gun (for changing tires, tightening or loosening bolts)
• Ryobi cordless angle grinder (if things are rubbing or there is carnage on the trail it’s great to have a cut off tool)
• Impact driver set
• Ratchet set
• Wrench set
• Screw drivers
• Spare nuts and bolts

Everything packs up in the trunk with a tie down holding the heavy stuff
Everything packs up in the trunk with a tie down holding the heavy stuff

• Various pliers
• Hatchet
• Knife
• Blanket
• (2) camp stools
• At least a 6 pack of water
• 2 quarts of oil
• 1 quart of power steering fluid
• 1 quart of gear oil
• Electrical wire
• Fuses
• Wire strippers
• Shoes (you never know when you are going to have to walk out.
• Smitty built air compressor
• Tow Rope
• Bubba Rope soft shackle
• Gloves
• (2) C clamps
• Heavy duty tie down
• Light duty tie down
• Spare drive shafts
• Jumper Cables
• First Aid Kit
Other items stored throughout the vehicle
• Winch controller
• Flash light
• Shovel
• Windex spray bottle(No wiper spray on the Jeep)
• Fire Extinguisher
• Tire deflater
I’m carry all this and am confident that I could get out of most situations with the tools and parts I carry. If I can’t I always have a pair of shoes and can hoof it out.

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