Recently I was lucky enough to find a good deal on a second hand 2008 Lexus LX570. However I recently got the awesome new Apple Iphone 7 that the forgot to make with a headphone jack, so I was hoping that the new wheels would have Bluetooth audio. To my dismay it only had hands-free Bluetooth. I did some research and found a company in Denver, Vais Technology that make Bluetooth adapter that would work with my Lexus. They also have adapters for Satellite radio, USB/Aux connectors, and some other useful products for Toyota, Lexus & Scion. I ordered the adapter for my vehicle and it was at my door in 2 days. The installation couldn’t get much easier. There is a module and a harness. Module & HarnessThe module is small and neat and the harness is very tidy and well put together. You disconnect a plug from the back of your factory stereo and plug one end of the T-harness in to the stereo.

Back of Stereo

The other end plugs into the plug you took out of the stereo and the third end plugs into the module supplied. You have to select a couple of options on the module with some switches, with instructions from the super easy to understand instruction manual and you have Bluetooth audio. The total installation time was 30 minutes from start to finish. I put the module in an easy to reach location behind the passenger air vent as they recommend easy access to the module for firmware updates.

Easy Access


The quality of sound is nothing short of amazing. It’s exactly like you’re using an aux input, if not better quality. The song information pulls up on the factory screen flawlessly and you have control over the songs on your Bluetooth device as well as the factory stereo. Streaming media is a breeze, with me testing it with spotify. This feels like a factory installation and can be done by anyone is short order. If you have a need for bluetooth audio and you have a Toyota, or Toyota variant I highly recommend this module and for $229 for a plug and play solution I think it’s great value.


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