After putting a new radiator, hoses and turning up the idle, the Scout is running well.  I recently took it for a shake down run up Smuggler road and it did pretty well.  The auto transmission worked great and the ride quality actually wasn’t too bad.20160722_173407 (1)

The first thing that came to mind driving this thing over some rocks was wow does this thing have a fat ass.  With any kind of incline the rear bumper dragged.  Some larger tires should take care of this.  I was planning on 33s because it would be easy to make them fit but now I am thinking 35s.20160719_201733

Power and torque felt really good even though I wasn’t able to hold 4 low.  I will certainly need to figure out what is keeping the transfer case from staying in 4 Low.  Maybe a twin stick is in the future who knows.

20160719_201627I am very satisfied at how this thing is running with only three hundred dollars into it (that’s including tune up parts that still need to be installed).  The real question is how much work I want to do to put bigger tires on.  33s will fit with minimal trimming to the fenders but 35s will require fully cutting the wheel wells out and tubbing the rear as well as significantly cutting into the front fenders and limiting the steering.  Stay tuned for more. 20160719_202346

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