When we were given the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for the legendary Mint 400 and help out in the pits for our buddy racing the Trophy Truck category it was a no brainer.  I quickly booked plane tickets and lodging, 8K was going to Vegas.

The number 57 God is Awesome truck.

We arrived for the tech inspection and quickly met up with the God is Awesome Racing team.  Tech inspection consists of pushing the truck down a multitude of blocks on the famous Fremont st.  This was a perfect chance to get to know the guys on the team and check out the parade of vehicles coming through.  After a few quick minutes of chatting and talking about the gear, team and racing it was obvious these were good guys that we were going to get along.

#69 has a mean looking front end.

God is Awesome is a privateer racing team that is going up against the best in the business in the Trophy Truck unlimited class and doing very well.  Racing is a family affair for these guys and the love for the sport is apparent immediately.  Lead by “Gramps” the drivers, copilots and pit crew are all family and close friends.  We were welcomed in to the group as one of their own and ready to get in the dirt.

After passing pit inspection we jumped on the back of the truck and enjoyed a quick police escort to the parking area where we loaded up the truck and headed back to the Golden Nugget for a late lunch.  It is unreal sitting on the spare tire of a 900 horse power trophy truck cruising through the city streets of Las Vegas with other Trucks and buggys following you.

Pretty fun way to roll down the back streets of Las Vegas

That night we met the pit crew in the parking lot for job assignments and a quick tutorial at tire changing and safety.  I volunteered to stop the trucks when they come in and Lindsay was on tire changing duties.  Somehow Ross went from working the jack to not having a job and being a spectator.

We got to the race around noon the next day just in time to see the trucks and class 1 buggies lined up getting ready to head to the starting line.  All these machines       together looked, sounded and smelled amazing.

The trucks take off side by side with an exciting start to the race over 2 big jumps and into a few tight corners.  The 69 truck took off great with a well seeded position, the race had started.  We waited to see the other truck, number 57 take off flying through the first jump.  Away they went.  We waited for a lot more trucks to come through then headed back to the pits.

First into the pits was #69.  We did 50 gallons of fuel, 2 rear tires and a drive shaft in just under 7 minutes.  This time was pretty good and the truck was away.  Next up was the 57 truck with a driver change, fuel and a quick inspection.  They were out closer to 2 minutes and back on course.

After the last pit for number 69 we boogied over to a spectator spot where we could watch these trucks doing 100 + miles per hour through 3 to 4 foot deep woops.  Impressive is an understatement.

With 2 trucks in the event and a solid top 10 finish a few weeks ago they had great momentum coming into this race.  They drove both trucks across the finish line and pulled off another top 10. These guys are gladiators out there conquering some of the roughest terrain you can imagine in some of the coolest trucks we have seen.  Huge travel, huge horse power and huge tires make this an event I have certainly fallen in love with.

On the finish line in the top 10. God is Awesome Racing.
Pit meeting the night before.
Some serious hardware.

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