With everybody and there mother buying a JK Rubicon and promptly lifting it and adding 33s or bigger there are a lot of 255/75/17 (roughly 32 inch tall) BFG mud terrains out there.  When I bought my FJ cruiser with bald snow tires my budget had been blown.  I was able to get 5 tires for $125 bucks that had less than a hundred miles on them. 20140105_131629_zps56aa9e57 20160605_125908

These skinny little pizza cutters work great.  The narrow width makes them cut through snow giving you pretty good traction in snow as long as it is not too deep.  The traction on the rocks is great and the mixed rock and soil conditions in Colorado have never been an issue for these cheap tires.

So the size is the biggest down fall at only 32 inches tall and roughly 9 inches wide they aren’t overly impressive but that narrow width makes then fit into applications that would otherwise rub with a 32.  These are a great tire and for any stock application it would be foolish not to check your local craigslist for a set before spending hundreds more on new tires.  If I could only find 17 inch rims for my Scout 2 I would surely be running these tires.

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