Early winter is a special time of year.  We live in a fairly steep valley that gets a lot of snow so our window for snow wheeling is very small.  We headed out after work late December (the latest we have ever been able to go because of the snow) and made our way up Little Anny’s road.  A little fresh snow the night before made slow going up the road. 

Having just finished the axle swap on the Willys this was somewhat of a shake down run.  To get to the top it was a lot of high revving in 2nd low.  Tire speed and moment was the name of the game.  We got to the top without an issue.

Across the top of Richmond ridge we got the forest with no problem.  Coming to the first couple clearing the snow was starting to get deep.  Johno was in the lead with his Grand Cherokee and hitting it full pace.  Once he got stuck I tried to plow past him only to bury myself.  The rest of the night required a lot of winching and a lot of fun.  



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