The snow this season has been lacking in the ski department but is perfect for a little late season after work wheeling.  Headed out to the mountains after work we gathered a good crew of 4 vehicles.  2 JK Rubicon’s, a WJ and a ZJ.

Headed up the mountain the snow was pretty shallow until we got to the top where it quickly went to more than a foot deep with some really deep drifts on the way.  We embarked out the ridge without issue until we hit a rocky steep hill with a 90 degree left.


This hill was the highlight of the trip.  It required plenty of pace to get up with everyone struggling for traction it was entertaining.  Listening to the Grand Cherokees revving up to redline for the entire of the hill was impressive. 

Once we got over the hill we kept venturing out until we hit a wide open section that quickly got deep.  We decided to turn it around at about 11pm without getting seriously stuck.  It was a really fun night and smiles were had by all.     


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