After doing the axle swap on the Willys it was pretty clear that all the ball joints in the steering needed to be swapped out and the current rusty tie rod and drag link were pretty bent.  I contemplated sleeving the existing but with a big bend in it and threads that were pretty mangled I decided to start looking. 

I wanted something that was bolt on due to it being middle of winter and no garage that I can fabricate in.  I found the Rugged Ridge HD Tie Rod and drag link kit.  For under $200 it wasn’t a whole lot more money than getting 4 new quality ball joints.

First impressions are good the kit is beefy and installs with ease.  I would like the drag link to have more insertion but that may be my particular power steering set up.  The ball joints are supposed to be one ton with spindles that fit my Dana 30.  They appear bigger time will tell how they hold up.  For the price and a 40 minute install time I am really happy with this kit.  I will do a longer term review at the end of the summer to see how the ball joints hold up.



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