When O.J. Simpson chose his getaway vehicle he was smart in choo20160709_141245sing the Ford Bronco. With stout construction a big 5.8 liter engine and mullet convertible. These things are sweet. Ross picked this beauty up for a mere eight hundred dollars with a slightly leaky gas tank and a spry 230,000 miles on it.

First thing first was getting the heavy top off the back and really letting this pony’s hair down. Once that was off the Bronco truly turned into a party in the back. Next up was removing the doors to keep the party going in the front. This rig worked great out of the box but with the extra visibility and free flowing air it is really fun to drive.20160605_163025
After finding a set of 35 inch BFG mud terrain tires for $30 dollars he swapped the tires. The Bronco is made for 35s. Ross trimmed a small piece out of the front bumper and the tires fit perfect. These shoes significantly improve the ride and with 5.8 liters of furry under the hood, this stallion can still kick.

Eddy loves to get in the air. More so than any car we have ever seen. This truck in stock form takes water bars and turns them into jumps. Will Ross be able to gallop to the top of the podium at the Working Man’s Challenge? Only time will tell.20160605_162706

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