These are great wheels that are both functional and add a good bling factor. At only 42 pounds apiece these things are practically feather weights. I am the second owner on these and would estimate them to be a couple years old but they don’t show any signs of ageing. 20160718_184219
Functionally these wheels are round and true and hold my Maxxis Trepador tires on without fail at 6 lbs of pressure. What more can you ask for? At street pressure this set up has maintained balance and runs smooth at 80mph. I have used and abused these hitting them into rocks and burying them in snow and they continue to come back for more. The only issue I have had is some of the bolt heads breaking off on the bead lock ring. It’s a common size that can be sourced from any hardware store. I would strongly recommend keeping a few extra bolts on hand to replace as needed. In Moab I had six bolts go at the same time creating an air leak.
If you are in the market for new wheels with bead locks it would be hard to beat the Race Line wheels.

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