One problem with my WJ is the front axle is pushed out a few inches over stock and the new brackets for the 20160821_160450Radius arm makes finding a spot for the bump stops pretty hard. Crawling isn’t a big problem but if you want to hit the skinny pedal across the desert it quickly become an issue. I decided to give the Prothane coil inserts a try. These shipped quickly and were extremely easy to install on the WJ because of the lack of any spring retention. You simply drop them in and go.

When I originally installed these I was using 4 inch lift springs and 2 inch spacers. DO NOT INSTALL THESE WITH A SPACER LIFT. On a high speed section of trail in Moab the bump stop actually knocked the spacer out in turn knocking the entire spring out. Luckily no major damaged accrued and I was able to get back on the trail quickly. I replaced those springs with Clayton 6 inch springs and everything has worked great. These are a great solution for bump stops in hard to reach areas and ride really well. I have been running these about 6 months now and used them through tight slow rock crawling high speed snow wheeling and highway use and they have worked great there is no sign of where or tear on them and they provide a nice smooth stop.20160828_141712

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