Do you ever wake up on a Sunday morning and want a slice of pizza?  That is how we were feeling this week.  The best solution to that was to go wheeling over to Secret Stash Pizza in Crested Butte.  We got a fairly late start, at about 10:30 we hit the Express Creek trail head.20160724_112534

Cruising up Express Creek was an easy jaunt with only one stop before the top to keep the group together.  Despite the full parking lot at the bottom we did not see one person on this section of trail and the Aspen Trees were gorgeous.  When we got to the top we were pleasantly surprised to see a Subaru and the top with three girls that had just rallied up.  This is an uncommon sight on Taylor Pass but a good reminder that you can get to some beautiful places in a station wagon.  After hanging out for a few minutes and drinking in the view we decided to proceed down the other side.

20160724_115815 The decent down from Taylor is very rocky and bumpy.  There are not to many technical spots just a lot of slow bouncy spots.  We came across a lot of 4 wheelers and side by sides as we cruised down through the river and over the boulders.  This section is always longer than I remember it but offered lots of great views.  Everybody’s rig was running well.  We got to the turn off to Taylor reservoir and Lindsay’s GPS kept us straight on the road to Taylor Park.  This is an easy place to get lost and I think we have all got lost on this stretch in the past.20160724_135522

Once we got to Taylor Park it was decision time should we boogie out to the road and cruise into Crested Butte that way or should we take Italian Creek to Cement creek and get to Crested Butte mostly by trail.  Obviously the decision was Italian Creek.  We began up the trail taking in the majesty of the area quickly climbing up to tree level.  You weave through some cow pasture and high mountain valleys before coming to an intersection.  The trail to the left takes you up a loose scree filled trail to an over view that truly feels like you are on top of the world.  Obviously we had to go take a few pictures.

After getting some truly epic pictures we turned around and took the trail on the right to cement creek this is a fairly smooth trail with some really neat forest sections and water bars that you do not want to go to fast into.  20160724_145017

We got into Crested Butte at around 4:30 and rolled into Secret Stash Pizza for some delicious pie.  Well worth the trip!  After rehydrating and filling our stomachs we refueled and hit the road to Scofield Pass.

Scofield actually was smoother than any we thought it was going to be and we got through it very 20160724_193116quick.  The width was never too 20160724_195720 (1)narrow for my full width axles and with the exception of one rock that got most of our rocker panels we cruised down into the town of Marble.  This quick trip was unexpected and posed a problem.  After just gorging ourselves on pizza about 2 and half hours earlier we were full but Slow Grooving BBQ is one of the best BBQ spots in Colorado.  We decided after a long day it was worthwhile to stop for a quick snack and a beer to celebrate the great day we had.

The drive back to Aspen was easy and we arrived at 10:30.  It was a lot of ground covered in 12 hours but a great day with good friends and epic scenery.

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