Don’t you just love those impromptu trips that start after work?  This Friday we put out the message that we were going to give Pearl Pass a try after work.  We ended up with 5 rigs and 10 people.  Heading out at 5:30 straight into a storm made for a perfect night.  The storm quickly dissipated and left the trail dust free.

The River Crossing well over the hub of Grant’s 35 inch tires.
Ken cruising through the beginning part of the trail.

The river crossing was pumping harder than I had seen before.  We all cruised over it no problem.  Headed up we kept good pace past the waterfall and to the one tricky section of Pearl.  To my surprise we all made it up with a little less than a tire spin.  Two turns past the hard section we ran into a snow bank that was off camber and a little bigger than we felt like shoveling so we turned back and headed up Montezuma Basin.

Dave making the ledges look easy.
Headed back down Pearl after getting shut down by this snowbank.

The road to Montezuma is Rocky and rough but relatively easy.  With the cloud cover burning off this made for an epic ride up to and above timberline.  Getting to the permanent snow field at the end we took some time to appreciate our surroundings before heading down in the dark with a thick fog rolling in there were times you could only see 10 feet in front of you.  Great night with great people.

It’s a rocky road to the top.
Beautiful night headed up Montezuma.


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