Can you be too prepared? The answer is probably, but I strongly believe in the 5P’s. Preparation Prevents a Piss Poor Performance. With that in mind I wanted to go over the tool collection i’ve accumulated in my on road SUV. I live in the mountains and we get plenty of snow so there may be a couple of items that may not apply if you live in Florida, specifically the tow strap and small shovel, but if you have the room I’d definitely recommend them still.

The tool kit I’ve put together may be a bit of overkill, but really covers most low level breakdowns. It’s always a lot better to rely on yourself than outside help.

Below is the tools all spread out that I carry. I will also have a link to Amazon so you can grab the tools easily if you would like to assemble a similar kit.

Tools spread outSo I’ll run through what all the items are and what they’re used for in the most commonly used to the least used. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these tools there is a handy hyperlink to the item on Amazon.

Jumper Cables – These are by far the most used tool I have. I’m always helping people jump start their car and occasionally needing a jump myself. I like a nice long 20′ set so they can reach from the back of one car to the front of another.

Precision Tools – Inside the little tool box are some metric wrenches, pliers, adjustable wrenches, screw drivers, a multimeter, fuses and some electrical tape. I hardly ever use this for the car, but find it very handy for everyday uses.

Air Compressor – This is a very handy tool and often am finding myself pumping up my own tires or friends tires. This item is cheap if you buy it online, but if you get caught at an expensive auto parts store you will pay more for a crappy 4-in-1 box. I also carry a tire pressure guage.

Snatch Strap – Very handy in the winter, as cars are often off the road and need a quick tow back on. Also great if you come off the road as most people don’t carry tow straps. You can also carry a shackle and gloves to help with towing.

I also carry a small shovel for getting stuck in snow. It would take half a year to get out, but you would eventually get out with it.

First Aid Kit – Hopefully this gets very little use, but a necessity.

Ratchet Straps – Great for temp fixes to hold things together, like an exhaust, or a axle up a trailer

Toilet Paper – Again something you hope to never use, but very important if you do.

Waterproof Ammo Can – Great durable solution for keeping all the tools together. I’ve tried everything, milk crates, loose, boxes, and this is by far the nicest, neatest and best solution

Tool Collection for Regular SUV

One other item worth carrying that I don’t in this 05 SUV is a fire extinguisher, just because it’s a little newer vehicle. However well worth having.

If you don’t want to carry jumper cables another alternative is a small jump box like this one. I’ve had this start a V8 from dead flat. There is truly magic in this box!

Jump Box

If you have any questions on any of the tools or what they’re used for please email me.

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  1. This is an awesome article and I need to get to work adding a few of these things to my vehicles. Unfortunately, I have multiple vehicles to stock up as I am sick of forgetting the one thing I end up needing in another one of my vehicles. That is a nice size ammo crate I am going to try and find something similar. FYI yes those tiny Jump packs will jump start your big V8.

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