I have been running the Maxxis Trepador on my Jeep Grand Cherokee and have to say it’s a great tire. These 20160724_130125tires have been run at 80 mile per hour on the highway and 2 miles an hour in Moab and everywhere in between.
On road performance is good. For such a big tire these have maintained a balance despite constantly being aired up and down and being banged around off road. The road noise isn’t too bad (I can still hear the radio loud and clear at 80). Corning on the highway is great with the full width axles under the WJ these tires grip and let me corner as if I was in a sedan. 20160613_185731
Off road is where these tires shine. I acquired these in the winter and did a lot of snow wheeling with them where they floated well and cleaned the tread with a little wheel speed. At 6 pounds of pressure the contact patch is great. In the mixed dirt and rock that we have in Colorado traction is rarely and issue but the combination of Race Line bead locks and these tires I am able to air down to single digits which makes a huge difference in comfort. 20160718_185352
In Moab these tires stick to rock like flies to shit. I actually did most of Hells Revenge trail in 2 wheel drive with these beauties. After thrashing on these tires fairly hard they have held up great and although there is a little rock rash and slice in the tread from hitting my fender the tread is holding up great.

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