This time of year in the high country is especially awesome. A lot of the high country trails during the summer you can do in fairly stock SUV’s. This time of year you’re guaranteed to run into snow and get the recovery gear out. So we decided on Saturday afternoon to do a quick recon mission up Little Annies Road.

Landcruiser High Centered on Little Annies
Landcruiser High Centered on Little Annies

The crew included Jesse, Johno and myself. The three cars work well together. Jesse in his huge WJ but is still pretty light and somewhat floats over the snow. My landcruiser is really heavy, but with lockers as long as it doesn’t get hung up can crawl through the snow. Johno’s WJ only has a small lift and moderate tires but a ton of skinny pedel to compensate.


So, Jesse was first, me second and Johno third. We made it ¾ of the way to the top of Aspen Mountain before we came across the first obstacle. It was a straight shot through trees, fairly basic snow wheeling which Jesse powered through with ease. I got within a few feet of the upper bank when I bottomed out. Jesse with the lighter car took a few snatches but eventually yanked me out. Johno cruised up with a ton of pace and got through it without an issue.


The next obstacle involved an off camber snow bank with a rut on the uphill side to hold our tires in. Jesse successfully crossed it and I followed his tracks. Next was Johno and he needed some pace with this obstacle. Johno hit it hard and was soon aimed at the edge of the hill. He managed to stop in time and after a few more attempts got up the wall of snow.


The final drift was long and deep. Again Jesse led the pack and I followed. However, I knew better and took a “better” line than Jesse. Well it turns out I high centered and took us about 30 minutes, between winches snatch straps and high lifts to get out. This left us a little short on time so we left Johno’s car and went to the top of Aspen Mountain. We made it to the Powder Cat lunch hut before we had to turn around. On top there was probably a foot of snow and if we had time could have made it to the sundeck.


We will hit up Richmond Ridge within the next week and keep you posted. Since this excursion we have also gone up Pearl Pass & Express Creek, which are also melting nicely. Summer wheeling is around the corner!


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