A lot goes into picking a rig for the Working Man’s challenge.  Having to be under $1000 dollars makes it tough.  Jesse Bouchard has picked the oldest entry in the lineup.

I purchased this 1976 Scout 2 for $100 dollars without being able to open the hood and knowing that it hasn’t run since 2009.  Upon getting this beauty home it has a 345 V8 under the hood and with a fresh battery it started right up.  A gas leak and a radiator leak where the only major things wrong and it was drivable.  Upon a test drive I was pleasantly surprised to find it has posiloc and it actually drives pretty nice.

Parts for this thing are unbelievably cheap and all the piece to tune it and replace the radiator are only about $200 dollars.  You may be looking at it thinking cool rig but it sits a little low will it be okay hammering off-road.  The answer to that is yes.

Here is the plan to get this thing race ready.  Tune it up, replace the radiator and make it reliable.  Cut the fenders to fit a set of 33 inch tires and maybe bob the rear end.  Replace the shocks (if it is in the budget) and beat it.   It’s a simple cheap plan and hopefully it will get me to the finish line.  I realize other things will come up and with a rig of its age something going to break but starting with such a low number there is room in the $1000 dollar budget.

Vehicle: 1976 Scout 2
Motor: IH 345 V8
Transmission: 3 speed auto 727
Transfer case: Dana 20
Axles Dana44 with posi track
Stay Tuned for the build…

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