This event is a rite of passage for any Jeep or off road enthusiast.  We rolled into Moab late Friday night to find the streets line bumper to bumper with rigs and participants hanging out at the Rodeo Facility eagerly anticipatinghr1hr2 the raffle where prizes range from Coolers to tires and suspension.  We spent an hour wondering the parking lot checking out different rigs and gear.  Town was jamming and there was a great band at one of the local watering holes.

Jeeping Hells RevengeFast forward to Saturday morning and we get going on Hells Revenge trail.  It was a scene, with well over 100 rigs on the trail.  For those of you unfamiliar with this trail it is the essential slick rock trail in Moab the opening obstacle is a sand stone fin that immediately gets you up high with a great view.  After that we came to a short Dirt Road section where I popped a front spring out of my suspension (this was a shake down run for the new Jeep).  After 10 minutes of Jacking up the Jeep and reinstalling the springs as well as making some make shift ratchet strap limiting straps we were back on the trail albeit a little more cautious.

We arrived at Hells Gate which is the first “extra credit” obstacle.  There were probably 50 people there watching the action.  Hells gate is totally optional and we have seen a lot of rigs get tippy on it.  The most impressive run we saw was the Fat Boyz Fab King of the Hammers Grand Cherokee which came up it at almost 20mph.   Lindsay hit it a few times locked and unlocked getting a little tippy unlocked you could really see the difference with and without lockers.  Then we moved on.

The first hot tub is about 15 to 20 feet deep and just a big slick rock bowl.  These will eat up a vehicle and you have to stay on the gas to get out if you get off your line and need to roll back it will flip a rig right over.  Our buddy George rolled his buggy after being 90% out but there were plenty of rigs to lend a hand and run a couple winches down to him and get the rubber side down.  Moving on to Micky’s hot tub this one is smaller but still very menacing and our budy Shane put his RZR on its side.

The trail rides through a vast amount of slick rock with great views before arriving at your next extra credit section called Escalator.  Escalator is another V notch trail that goes up a series of steps and will put you on your side if you get off your line.  There were probably 75 to 100 people there watching the action in the 45 minutes we watched we saw 4 jeeps flop.  Lindsay made it look easy as usual and we moved on to the hot tubs.

Headed out the last extra credit obstacle you encounter is Tip Over Challenge but the lineup was long so we bypassed it.  From here the trail is fairly easy with only one spot that gets a little tippy.  At the trail exit we talked with a few guys and checked out the carnage then rolled into town for dinner.

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