Recently I took a trip with my father, uncle and brother to Moab.  With the Willys being a 2 seater we decided renting a few RZRs would be a fun change of pace.  I called up High Point Hummer and ATV rentals and got 2 new Polaris RZR 1000s.  Having been to Moab countless times before in rock crawlers I was excited to see what these things could do and show the family around.

Beautiful all be it cool morning start on Fins and Things

First impression was so so.  The belt drive transmission feels like a snowmobile and something I didn’t really expect when first easing onto the throttle.  It took no time to get used to that and quickly there was no hesitation, these things are awesome.   The RZR seemed to respond best when driving it like a 2 stroke dirt bike.  Lots of throttle then letting up and lots more throttle.

My brother dropping off the backside of Baby Lion’s Back.

First trail was fins and things being the only one in the group that had been to Moab the east coasters needed to be eased in.  We got through Fins and Things and took all the ad on obstacles we could.  The group was getting comfortable fast.  It was a blast.

Leaving Fins and Things we made a quick detour to Baby Lion’s Back.  A quick ride to the top and

My father and uncle coming down the first big descent on Hell’s Revenge. Not 100% confident in the RZR yet.

stop to look around and we were headed back downhill towards Hell’s Revenge.  I was passenger for most of Hells Revenge and it was great.  The RZR was supple and with near perfect vision to each side it was very comfortable and comforting knowing where the tires were.  Because these were rentals we stayed off the extra credit obstacles.

It was awesome to show my family around Hells Revenge.  I think this is the quintessential Moab trail.  The views, traction and gnarly look can’t be beat.  Some of the climbs and descents made a few in the group pucker up but the RZR stuck to the ground and didn’t struggle at all.  We finished Hells Revenge around noon and were not anywhere close to being done.

At around 1300 pounds a piece the Lexus didn’t even feel the 2 RZRs on the 26 foot trailer behind it.

We got back to Highpoint and borrowed a trailer to go check out Monitor and Merrimack.  This trail is north of Moab and not nearly as technical as the first 2 but has some epic scenery and some really fun faster section.  Being no stranger to driving jeeps a little faster than most on the trail I was pretty psyched.  M&M (Monitor and Merrimack) has miles of sandy 2 track that is whooped out and an absolute blast.  I was in the driver seat for this section and at 45mph through 2 to 3 foot woops the RZR stayed planted.  Corners were comfortable and predictable and it just wanted to go faster.  I actually tried to jump it a hand full of times and could not get it air born.

These things really come alive in fast 2 track.

After completing M&M we still had some time so went and did the first 5 miles or so of golden spike.  The RZR was still comfortable but that was probably the terrain it was least suited for with baby head rocks and just rough going it was slow going but not crawling.  Having bigger aired down tires on a jeep seems like the best way to smooth these sections out.  The 30 inch tires on the RZR did fine but rougher than 35s.  Still a blast!

Finishing up the day around 5:45 we put about 8 full hours on the 2 machines and about 65 miles. The people at High Point Hummer and ATV rental were awesome and easy to deal with.  Being a rental we were responsible for all damages (no rental car extra insurance on these things) so we were a little more careful then if they were our own.  I had an absolute blast and it is the easiest access to back country you could ask for.  Once they are street legal in Colorado I will probably need to get one.  I don’t think they replace a jeep or other 4×4 but they are damn fun and worth trying out.

A little 3 wheel action coming out of Hell’s Revenge.


On fins and things coming down a small ledge.

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