Fins and Things is the perfect Moab warm up run.  It has epic scenery a few obstacles that can be a little challenging and plenty of pucker factor if it is you first time on slick rock.  We took a mixed group on this great trail.  The crew consisted of myself in the Willys, Steve in a new to him stock 71 cj5 that hadn’t had more than a 10 minute test drive, Ross piloting Lindsay’s land cruiser, Karen in her JK that had never been off road, Lindsay in his new JK Rubicon, Striker in his JK and Johno and Kate on dirt bikes.  It was a hodge podge of rigs.

Most of the crew

Going into the trail it was Karen’s first time off road and Steve’s first time off road in Moab as well as first time in a manual shifting, steering and brakes in probably 12 years.  We stopped at the trail head and aired down.   Everyone was excited to get on the trail and we started.  Lindsay was in the Lead with his new Rubicon and I pulled up the rear.

The first taste of slick rock is this fun little fin.

We quickly ascended to the first stretch of slick rock fins.  These are easy obstacles that look gnarly if you are not familiar with the unbelievable traction that slick rock gives.  This is a great place to get a familiar with your rig and the conditions.  There is a very steep 15 foot or so decent coming down of the slick rock into a fun sand wash.

There is always a good chance you will see some sweet rigs out here.

We let the Jeeps stretch their legs on the sand and hammered through the banked corners and whooped straight a ways.  The trail comes to a split.  To the left is easier and straight ahead is a pretty steep wall that’s pretty tall and covered in sand.  This was my first time with the Willys on this obstacle and no lockers and a short wheelbase meant lots of skinny peddle and full commitment to get over it.  The rest of the team tried it but Karen and Steve struggled to get up and chose to take the bi

We proceeded and made quick work of the rest of this section coming back up to Sand Flats Road we turned right to continue the trail.  Right as we were pulling off the road back onto the trail head Steve’s CJ5 stalled and was smoking a little bit.  Turned out the battery fell out of place and spilled battery acid all over the exhaust.  He decided to bring it back to the road and jump in my Jeep.  The beginning part of this trail is mixed sand wash and small rock section.

The next and last part of the trail is an epic section of single track.  Nothing is particularly difficult, it is just beautiful scenery and a land scape that you can only get in Moab.  The trail ascends and descends on some very steep grades and in a short wheelbase carbureted vehicle it creates some puckering moments but is so much fun.  None of the obstacles posed a problem and we made it back to the road.

The last part of the trail is certainly the most epic.

Fins and things is a great first trail to do in Moab.  It provides plenty of excitement without being too hard.  You can take a stock vehicle on this trail and have a lot of fun if you’re careful and with a more modified vehicle there are some extra credit obstacles and enjoy the scenery.

Stryker making it look easy.


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