The Friday morning line up.

Spring is in the air and one staple of spring is Moab Easter Jeep Safari.  For me this event is like going to a candy shop.  Jeeps, Jeeps, Jeeps everywhere you look there are Jeeps, buggies and other built up trail rigs.  This year I brought my 1947 Willys down so I could par take in the FFFFR or Friday Flat Fender Fun run.  This is a great event that is on the fringe of Easter Jeep Safari.

Meeting around 8:30 AM at the zip line parking lot about 30 Flat Fenders arrived.  The rigs ranged from bone stock to buggy like Willys.  The parking lot was a great place to check out the vehicles and have a good chin wag.  Brennan or better known as Meiser on the forums was the unofficial trail captain in his wickedly low MB on 35s.  He gave us our orders and we headed south of town to Flat Iron Mesa backwards.

Air down ready to hit the trail.

Cruising down the road with this much old iron kept the speed down maxing out at about 45 mph..  We arrived at the trail head and took a quick pit stop to get the group back together and air down tires. 

Headed out on the trail the first part was smooth with a few simple ledges.  A few miles in we hit the first notable obstacle that is actually really easy in a narrow rig.  It is an off camber right hand turn that leans your vehicle precariously towards the edge of a 100 plus foot cliff.  You are right on the edge and as gnarly as the cliff is the obstacle is quick and doesn’t require anything special.

Hey that’s not a flatty! The off camber curb feels sketchy when you are in the driver seat.


About 100 yards up the trail from the turn was the toughest obstacle of the day.  This was a steep hill climb in very soft seemingly bottomless sand.  The 2 built jeeps on 37s went up before me with no issue then I was up.   I underestimated this climb from first sight.  The struggle for traction was on and I made it within 10 feet from the top.  After giving it all I had for 20 minutes I took a winch and even with the winch it was an exciting crest of the climb.  I ended up snapping my clutch linkage and got it on 2 wheels.

Stock is the new 40 inch tire.

Lucky for me Max was on the trail.  One of the originators of Premier Power Welders and he quickly welded the linkage back together with no problem what so ever.  We got the rest of the group up the hill fixed the linkage and away we went.  The rest the trail was pretty simple with a few ledges and obstacles to play on with the final obstacle being Tilt-a-Whirl.  This was a fun section and most the Flatties got up without any assistance.

The FFFFR is the most fun organized trail run I have been on.  Great trail, great rigs and great people.  Out of all the trail runs I have been on this consisted of the smallest tires, least amount of suspension and lowest horsepower.  In spite of all of that this was one of the fastest moving groups I have been with and people were pushing the limits of what their vehicles could do.  This will be an annual event.

Brennan making the trails look easy.


Max welding a broken u bolt back together.

Good tools to have on board.

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