With 70 years under its belt and multiple paint jobs the Willys was looking long in the tooth.  After trying to wax it with no luck and starting to get annoyed with the overspray I decided it was time to shine this old girl up.

First I decided to go ahead and paint all the diamond plate black.  I used Rust XO paint.  The coverage was good and it went on smooth.

It was time to start on the body work by buffing out some of the cracked and chipped Bondo then smoothed and filled the voids.  Then I did a light hand sand to the body panels and hit it with primer.  After letting the primer set for a day I picked my color and started laying coats of Rustoleum red down.  I allowed roughly 2-3 hours between each coat and the coverage was good.

After 2 days and about 6 coats of red I removed all tape between the black and red and laid down another 6 coats of gloss clear coat.

In the end the paint job came out great.  The Willys looks like a new Jeep.  At 10 mile per hour the paint looks flawless, up close it looks good but I could have put more prep work into it.  If I were to do it again I would have taken more time with the Bondo and done a wet sand in between coats.  Good news is the entire paint job cost about $45 so if it needs touch up no big deal.



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