With Moab season just around the corner the time has come to make the Willys a little safer.  With limited time and no access to a tube bender I decided to go with an Extreme customs cage kit.  I emailed back and forth with Mike the one man show that is Extreme Custom Fabrications and dialed in what I was looking for.  I opted for the Family style cage.  It shipped quickly and was at my door before I knew it. 

The cage comes with all the bends pre bent and the hoops cut in half for shipping.  This is a cut to size kit that seems to be pretty universal to most CJ jeeps.  After getting everything cut to size and lined up I began welding it together.

After getting the hoops welded together the next step was putting in the spreader bars from the A Pillar to the B Pillar.  I ran into the issue of not enough head room. So I decided to run the spreader bars as a T top.  I would prefer to have the bars on the outside and at some point will get some tubing bent to give me the head room I need and the extra protection of the outside bars.

I welded the 1/8th inch tube together with a Lincoln Pro Mig 140 on flux core.  This welder had no problem penetrating the tubing and worked great.  I opted for spreader bars between each hoop to stiffen it up and give me a mounting point for my spare tire.

Over all I am very happy with the way this cage came out.  For an off the shelf kit I love the look and extra protection it will give.  Because you assemble it to your spec there is plenty of customizing that can be done.  The only downside which is unavoidable with the stock under seat gas tank is the head room.  Sitting on the stock gas tank makes it hard to get the seat low enough to not whack your head on the cross bars.  I finished the cage off with some Rustoleum black under coating and it is looking good.  





I finished the cage off with Rustoleum rubberized undercoating.

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