We headed up Express
20160623_201339creek yesterday to check the snow level and test out Lindsay’s and Ross’s new rigs.  For Lindsay this was the Maiden his new $500 FJ80 land cruiser for Ross he drove over his $800 Eddy Bauer Bronco.  90% of the trail is clear of snow and we set the pace pretty quick early on.

The first stream crossing seemed like a good opportunity to do a little shake down and lead to the first flat tire for the Bronco.  With minimal tools it seemed like a great idea to change it and press on.  Next up.  We started out and noticed Lindsay was no longer behind us.  Turns out the steering wheel lock is not completely disabled on the Land 20160623_202331Cruiser.  A little brainstorming and fairly quick trail repair and we were back on the trail.20160623_214149

We cruised up the trail with no issues and both rigs were running great.   Coming into the top of the last rocky loose section before the sweeping right hand turn the rear bead on the Bronco broke loose.  Not having a second spare with a 5 on 5.5 bolt patter we decided had to leave it.

Headed up further on the narrow exposed section we came to a snow bank that would not allow us to go any further.  I would say the top is less than a mile away but shoveling in flip flops at 10pm was not going to happen and down to one $500 rig we decided to turn back but not after throwing rocks in the snow banks to aid the melting.

The Bronco is down but not out we will be retrieving it tonight.
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