After switching from my luxurious linked Jeep Grand Cherokee on 37s to a new to me 47 Willys CJ2a on 32s. The ride quality was a night and day difference. The short wheelbase and stiff leaf springs of the Willys combined with worn out seats made it a very harsh ride. This little devil is a blast to drive but your back starts to feel it pretty quickly.20161206_170026
After scouring the internet for some good replacement seats I decided on a set of Corbeau Baja JP Seats. The Baja JP is a perfect choice for early CJs. The flat mounting surface makes mounting these seats to the existing frame very easy with no more modifications than drilling a few holes in the existing frame. After a few quick measurements and a couple quick holes these seats were all mounted up and ready to rock. They actually are a little smaller than the previous seats which allowed me to push them further back towards the wheel well creating some much appreciated extra leg room.20161130_194657
First impressions sitting in these seats is wow. The side bolsters hold you in very comfortably without any pinching or pressure points. I am 6 foot 1 inch, 220 pounds and a 34 inch waist and these seem to fit me perfectly.20161130_194627
Sitting in the garage is one thing but how about driving performance. It was snowing the night I installed them so I put the soft top on the Willys and went out to rip some donuts. It’s almost like a different machine. Without the constant shifting in the seat that I was accustom to it was a much more relaxing experience being planted in the seat and comfortable the whole time.20161206_165216
Getting out on the trail was also a treat. The combination of the aggressive side bolsters holding me in and the suspension seats providing a softer ride made me much more comfortable tackling obstacles and I noticed considerably less fatigue after hours of wheeling.
The Willys still rides rough but comfort has gone to the next level. I’m still in the beginning phase of building this rig but to date this is the best upgrade I have done.  As spring comes around and I put some serious miles on these I will update this review with a more long term report.  20161130_194520

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