The time comes in every man’s life when you have to let go of something you love.  With big moves coming from every direction the 8K family is about to get a little smaller.  Clopsy the beloved 1991 FJ80 Land Cruiser is going up for sale.  Clopsy is truly a unique rig that has endless potential.

Originally purchased for the 2016 Working Man’s challenge, Clopsy has gone under extensive modifications including sheet metal removal, massive weight reduction, upgraded axles to 1994 FJ80 full float axles with factory E lockers 35 inch tires.  This rig can cruise smoothly at 75 miles per hour on the highway and bomb down the trail with comfort. She also hauls a snowmobile better than a one ton truck.

Some have called Clopsy the poor man’s razor because she’s fast.  I mean Ricky Bobby fast!  It doesn’t matter what you put in front of her all she wants to do is eat.  Is there a water bar coming up on the trail?  No big deal just push the accelerator further and jump it.  Are the rocks and bumps getting to harsh just go faster she can handle it.    

Below are some highlights of this magnificent steed.  If anyone is interested in giving her a new home please don’t hesitate to email for more information.

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