I kept having corrosion issues with the battery in my FJ cruiser so it was a good excuse to upgrade. When looking for a battery I wanted 2 sets of terminals, a lot of cold cranking amps and the ability to run the battery hard with the winch without wearing out its life. I did a lot of research and decided to go with the optima blue top. This is a marine battery that’s deep cycle and has a huge 800 cold cranking amps.
I found a price below $200 for the battery so price was right and being an AGM battery it could be shipped. First impression when I got this battery was “oh shit” it might be too big. The battery just barely fit in the FJ tray but fit none the less. With the offset terminals the negative hooked up fine but it was very tight on the positive. I guess that’s what you get for cramming a huge boat battery into a fairly small SUV.
Once hooked up the battery functioned like a battery. It never missed a beat and didn’t seem to struggle or get run down at all during hard winching. Even in the dead of winter with bellow 0 temperatures it performed great.
Is wasn’t until I was wiring up some new tail lights, reverse lights, and a backup camera that I realized how good this battery was. I crossed the wrong wires and shorted the system to the alternator. While doing this I was in a time crunch and ended up not having time to fix it for a week. With no help from the alternator I was able to drive the FJ every day for a week with headlights on at night and the radio up. The battery was losing charge but always had enough to run the electrical and start the car with ease. I fixed the circuit and have not had an issue since.

I would recommend this to anybody as a good replacement battery and alternative to running dual batteries.


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