Last night we decided to go explore Richmond Ridge to see how far we could get.  The snow is melting very quickly but a few snow banks still stand in the way of getting all the way to Taylor Park.  These snow banks make the trail much more interesting and with the full moon it was a beautiful night for getting stuck. 20160620_191111

Going up Aspen Mountain there is no snow and the road is actually very dusty.  Crossing over onto Richmond ridge we made a quick stop at Hurricane Point to check out the view and ended up meeting our friend Luca and convincing him to come along. 20160620_202657

Headed into the woods we found some snow banks that looked tough but a liberal amount of skinny pedal did the trick over most of them and when it didn’t 2 or 3 passes would get us through.  The trail was mostly dry aside from the occasional snow bank.  While cruising into the meadow after the tree section we saw a big bull moose which was a great surprise.  He was about 50 yards away grazing.  Unfortunately the light was too dark for a good picture so we pressed on.

We went much further than expected and finally called it and turned around about a half mile past the Barnard Hut.  There was a snow bank that was at least 5 feet tall and soft with no way of staying on the trail to get around it we turned around.  20160620_203424
The drive back was fairly simple and we only got stuck once.  With the full moon it was a bright night and not a cloud in the sky.  Coming over the ridge and looking down on the City of Aspen it was spectacular.  We are planning to do an organized trail ride from express creek to Aspen Mountain or vice versa and based on this recon I think we should be fine.

20160620_224441 (1)

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