Brand Representation

At 8Koffroad we offer multiple ways to assist your business.  Living in the heart of the Colorado Rockies we live in an affluent trend setting region of the industry.  We have a combined 25 years of building businesses and servicing clients in this South Western region as well as over 50 years combined experience in off road.  We are in this for the love of the sport and the love of building brands to maximize visibility and profit.

We at 8Koffroad have quickly become a trusted source of information for our readers.   With a solid following that is only getting stronger by the day our followers believe in what we are doing and look to us for advice.

We offer packages to fit most business models.

Reviews:  One thing we truly believe in is using and abusing the products we are going to push.  We are passion driven and only want to push the product we believe in.  That means a solid test of everything we sell once tested if the product passes and meets our expectations we move onto an affiliate program.

The affiliate program: is a great marketing solution for small companies.  We do not sell products directly but keep track of clients we direct to you.  We only get paid for the clients that we send.  This is a win win for small companies.  It is direct and quantitative as well as risk free.  The only cost is the product you send us to test.

Manufacturer’s representation is a higher percentage or fee but we travel to industry events, tradeshows, shops, distributors and stores to push distribution.  This is a great solution for clients looking for the quickest growth.

We can custom build packages to suite your needs and help you grow.  Together the future of offroad and overlanding is bright.  Join the 8Koffroad team and together we will flourish.



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